Mysterious Tea along the Silk Road

History&Brand Story

Ancient merchants in China brought Fu Tea to Central Asia, West Asia, Europe and beyond along the Silk Road and it was also known as “ Mysterious Tea along the Silk Road”.

Fu Tea is a type of fermented tea and categorized as Dark Tea. It was invented by Xianyang people of Shaanxi with a special processing technology in 1368. Because the tea was compressed into brick form, and had the similar function with Fu Ling (a traditional Chinese herbal medicine), it got the name Fu Tea, or Fu Bricks. In Chinese, the pronunciation of Fu also means happiness, thus making the tea name an auspicious one with the meaning of bringing happiness and enjoyment.

Original Fermentation Place

The city of Xianyang is the original fermentation place of Fu Tea with its unique geography and climate. There are three indispensable elements for  making Fu Tea, the climate conditions at the Central Shaanxi Plain, the water of Jing-Wei River and the techniques held by the local people. Production Manufacture Technique of JingWei Fu Tea have been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage Project of Shaanxi Province for protection.

The great health benefits of Fu Tea made it an indispensable drink for people in daily life, and therefore the governments in ancient China made standardized management of the production and sales of it. In addition, Fu Tea is regarded as the earliest standardized tea product in China.