JingWei Fu Tea USA Inc.

Founded in California in 2018, JingWei Fu Tea USA Inc. is the first wholly-owned subsidiary of Xianyang JingWei Fu Tea Co., Ltd,(a renowned and a leading enterprise of Chinese Dark tea enterprise) overseas, and is mainly responsible for the brand construction and product sales of JingWei Fu Tea in the United States.

JingWei Fu Tea, as a type of fermented tea, is the largest category of dark tea and awarded the honor of “China famous trademark”. Originated in 1368, Fu Tea is the very first tea product in China, and was once the most important commodity traded along the Silk Road. With a history of more than 650 years, it integrates ancient techniques and modern technology, making itself  fashionable and charming in today’s pursuit of classic elegance.


JingWei Fu Tea USA Inc invites you to join and achieve a great dream together. Of cause, one cannot miss a starting point of every huge fortune. You should seize the opportunity. Look far, and walk steadily!

This is a very challenging trip, romantic and hard, novel and adventurous; but you know, if you join the journey with us, you probably will not be disappointed, in this journey we will create history!

Kiss For World

We aim to help people taste classic Chinese tea, experience Chinese tea culture and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. From "Chinese Name Card" to "Kiss For World", we have been trying to make more people have the chance to enjoy this unique Chinese tea ---JingWei Fu Tea.