JingWei Fu Tea Products For Chinese

The Handmade Series

It is the treasure from ancient wisdom, as well as a gift from nature. This series of JingWei Fu Tea absorbs the essence of traditional skills and accumulates the great work of our craftsmen. It is full of golden flowers with plump particles and has pleasant fragrance and rich flavor. The handmade series is a historical and traditional product of Fu Tea.

The Classic Series

Selecting raw dark green tea as raw materials carefully, this series is made on the basis of inheriting traditional Fu Tea processing techniques. The brown tender tea leaves can be repeatedly brewed many times and that produce an orange red and bright brew with mellow tastes. Its rich taste represents the typical Fu Tea flavor.

The Official Tea Series

The place along the Jing and the Wei River with hundreds of year’s history, was known as "the Origin of Fu Tea". Because the production and sales of Fu Tea was controlled by the governments in ancient times, it was also called Official Tea. This series shows the historical status of Fu Tea and has witnessed the unique history of Official Tea. Owing to a strong traditional complex and historical value, it is worth for collecting.

The Five Virtues Series

As the old Chinese saying goes, we should respect the heaven, earth, emperor, parents and teacher with the five cardinal virtues: humanity, justice, propriety, wisdom and honesty. Now this series provides a good way to show respects to our family, friends and teachers. With deep blessings, the tea leaf, tea aroma and tea liquid of this series, all helps us send our regards and good wishes to the person who we respect and love.

The Easy-brewing Series

We also offer easy-brewing Fu Tea pieces and teabags, making the brewing quicker and easier. This series is based on traditional techniques while creating some new forms of Fu Tea for easy-brewing.

The Chinese Zodiac Tea Series

In the Chinese culture, there is a cycle of twelve years, each with different animal. Thus, the Chinese zodiac tea is produced for each animal sign by using different raw material. This series integrates the culture of Zodiac and the Fu Tea, illustrating the depth and width of Chinese culture. With two pieces of Fu Tea juxtaposing the attributes of both hardness and softness, it demonstrates the inclusiveness of Fu Tea.

The Characteristic Series

This series features characteristic taste and is given special meanings. This series features characteristic taste and is given special meanings. We pick the fresh tea leaves from Qingling Mountains and process that by masters perfectly , only to offer you a cup of unique Chinese tea .